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No Limit by Nora Phoenix: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from No Limit

by Nora Phoenix


His hand still on Connor’s cheek, Josh leaned in, kissed him softly. He wrapped his arms around Connor, hugged him tight.

“Josh, promise me one thing,” Connor whispered in his ear.

Josh leaned back so he could see his face, but held his arms around Connor’s neck.

“If I fuck up with you, if I hurt you with what I do or say, tell me. Please, tell me, so I can try and make it right. I’m winging this, Josh. I don’t know what I’m doing with you or how to be in a relationship, but I want to learn to take care of you, okay?”

Josh nodded. “Does that mean we’re in a relationship?” he asked softly. He didn’t want to pressure Connor, but he didn’t want to hide either. If Connor wanted them to be together, he’d have to come out and say it, own it.

“Yes. You’re mine, Josh, and I’ll say it to anyone you need me to.”

“Your work?”

Connor swallowed. “I’ll tell them.”

Joy sparked in Josh’s heart. Connor was willing to come out of the closet for him. He was truly serious about them. “Did you mean what you said about Noah and Indy this morning?”

“Yes. I get that you need them, even if it’s hard for me to not be jealous. But Josh, anything more than kissing and you talk to me first, ask me for permission.”

Yup, there it was again. That authoritative tone that made Josh want to bend over and take it. “Yes, Connor,” he said. The satisfied look on Connor’s face was beautiful. “Will you spank me if I disobey?” Josh teased.

Connor laughed. “I’m not sure that would be effective as a punishment, seeing how much you’re looking forward to it. I’ll have to find something else more deterring, like not fuck you for a week.”

Josh’s eyes went big. “Damn, that’s cruel.”

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