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The Time of My Life by Nora Phoenix: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from The Time of My Life

by Nora Phoenix

For a week, Denver managed to stay away from Judah, as he had intended to. Sure, they interacted somewhat in the vocal coaching group, but Judah never tried to pair up with him again after that first day. Mercifully not, because Denver wasn’t sure he’d have the strength to turn him down again. The first time had been hard enough. He’d asked the first person he saw to be his partner, which turned out to be that absolute dumbass, Clark. Holy crap, the guy really had shit for brains. He had an amazing voice, though.

The vocal sessions were fun, though not exactly new to him. He knew the stuff DeeDee was teaching already, but it never hurt to brush up. The stylist had offered some interesting suggestions, wanting him to play up his cute preppy look, as she had called it. He’d tried on some of the outfits she had suggested and had to admit they looked good on him. The media trainings were when he paid attention most, because he knew how crucial it was to get that part right.

He enjoyed getting to know the others. They were all staying in the same hotel, and he’d hung out with LaVine and a few others in the evenings. Judah had joined them once. Denver wondered what he did the other evenings. Busking? There was nothing in the contract that prohibited it—Denver had looked it up to be sure—though once the blind auditions had been aired, he would have to stop. They weren’t allowed to do any promotions without the network’s permission, and the producers sure as hell wouldn’t approve busking.

What Denver appreciated most was that he hadn’t seen Cody since he left for LA. He’d contacted his case officer in New York, who had reached out to the LAPD and had set him up with a contact person there. Not that Denver was expecting much of that. Sergeant Williams, his contact on the NYPD, had gone above and beyond for Denver, fueled by a cousin of his who’d fallen prey to a stalker a few years back. She’d been raped by the guy before they had enough evidence to get him off the streets. Williams had vowed nothing would happen to Denver, and he’d done his best to live out that promise.

Of course, now that Denver was in LA, there was little Williams could do. Denver doubted a low-key stalker case like his would warrant much attention from the LAPD, not when they had dozens of celebrities with similar problems. That’s why he had been so happy he hadn’t spotted Cody. Maybe the asshole hadn’t figured out yet where Denver was? He hoped it would stay that way for a long time.

There was a knock on the door. He carefully checked the peephole. What the fuck was Judah doing at his door? Especially this late, since it was almost bedtime. He hesitated.

“Denver, please.”

That voice. Those words. Denver was transported back to that morning, the two of them in his bed. That kiss, that scorching hot, yet clumsy kiss. That thick, pulsing cock in his hand and then Judah coming all over him. Damn, just when he had been more or less successful in pushing those memories away.

He opened the door, left the security chain on. “What do you want?”

“Can I come in?”

“No. Not until you tell me what you want.”

Judah’s face fell. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, his shoulders slumping. “Never mind.”

He looked so forlorn, that Denver’s heart contracted painfully. Damn, he was such a softie. “What is it, Judah?” he said more kindly.

“No, you’re right. I shouldn’t have come. You warned me you wouldn’t do shit for me if I treated you like crap again.”

Denver involuntarily smiled. “If that’s supposed to be a sales pitch, it needs some work.”

Judah looked up from the floor he’d been studying. “It’s not. It’s me telling you you’re right.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Denver muttered as he slid the chain off and opened the door. “Come in already, would you? I can’t stand to see you standing there like a sad puppy.”

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Rebel by K.M. Neuhold & Nora Phoenix: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Rebel

by K.M. Neuhold & Nora Phoenix

I’m trying to listen to my monotone professor when an iMessage pops up from Rebel.

Rebel: I’m horny

Troy: Lol, stop the presses. I’m in class, dude.

Rebel: Oh shit lol, sorry.

Rebel: So I guess it would be rude of me to send you a pic of my epic erection right now?

Troy: It seems rude to your erection to not let the little guy out to play

Rebel: Little????

Troy: Lol, I misspoke, not little. My ass can attest to that. Now, let’s see it

I wait with baited breath, unsure if he’s actually going to send me a dick pic while I’m in class. It’s a ballsy move, and Rebel’s just the kind of guy who would do it.

Seconds later, an image pops up, and I have to stifle a laugh at the sheer audacity of it. Rebel wasn’t wrong; this erection appears particularly epic, and I’m kind of bummed I’m in class and can’t help him take full advantage of it.

“Dude, are you looking at porn in class?” Mason whispers.

“Technically? I’m not exactly sure,” I answer with a chuckle.

Troy: Is it technically porn when you send me a dick pic?

Rebel: Dictionary definition yes because porn is any image or explicit description used for a sensual purpose (says Google). But in a colloquial sense, I’d say no because we don’t usually consider dick pics porn, we consider them “sexting”.

Troy: Is it weird that I’m even more turned on by how smart you sound right now than by your dick pic?

Rebel: Not to make this weird, and I know you’re allergic to emotions and shit, but that really means a lot to me to hear you say.

Troy: Yup, you made it weird. Lol.

Rebel:  Asshole

Troy: You like my asshole, dick.

Rebel: You like my dick

Troy: We seem to be at an impasse here. Maybe your dick and my asshole can work this out later.

Rebel: Count on it 😉

I close the chat window with one last longing look at the dick pic and once again try to focus on class.

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No Shame by Nora Phoenix: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from No Shame

by Nora Phoenix



When Charlie yawned again, he leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You wanna take a nap?”

Charlie’s forehead crinkled the way it did when he was worried about something. “I can’t sleep if I’m alone.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“You will?” The surprise in Charlie’s voice hit Brad deep. Did Charlie really not grasp Brad would do pretty much anything for him?

“Sure thing, sweetie. Let’s lie down for a little bit.”

The others had no problem with them taking a nap, so he led Charlie into their bedroom, Max following them, then softly closed the door behind them. They both stripped to their boxers, and Charlie crawled into bed, yawning again.

Brad would never admit it, but he loved sleeping next to Charlie. There was something so sweet and comforting about feeling that much smaller body snuggled against him. Max found a spot right next to the bed on Brad’s side, and Brad smiled. He loved how Max was never far from his side.

Charlie immediately nestled close against Brad and put his head on Brad’s shoulder, flinging an arm across his abdomen. It was Charlie’s favorite position, Brad had deducted, because he always curled up like that against Brad. It was the sweetest torture, to hold that gorgeous man, that perfect body, to want him so much…and know he’d never be good enough to deserve him.

“Does Miles know?” Charlie asked out of the blue.

Brad had to think for a second what Charlie could be referring to. Ah. That. “About me? No. It’s just sex, Charlie, that’s it.”

“How long do you think you can keep having sex with him with your underwear on, or with him blindfolded?”

“As long as I have to.”

“You don’t think he’s getting suspicious? Or maybe I should say curious.”

Brad sighed. “Maybe. Probably. I don’t care. I’m not telling him shit, babe. It’s none of his fucking business.”

Charlie was quiet for a bit. “I think he wants more than just sex,” he then said.

“I don’t.” Brad’s voice was definitive. He was not discussing this with Charlie. Charlie was such a romantic at heart. He never fully understood why Brad did what he did in the club, and he certainly would never understand the complicated thing he had with Miles. “Get some rest, babe.”



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No Fear by Nora Phoenix: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from No Fear

by Nora Phoenix



Indy said, “I know you recently came out as gay, but Aaron, you really need to learn how to do this. You cannot walk up to men you’ve barely met and ask them out. Somebody will take offense and beat the shit out of you.”

Blake stepped in. “They already have, and I’m starting to see why.”

Aaron blushed fiercely. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

“Actually, I can,” Indy said. “It’s offensive to be asked out simply because you can tell I’m gay. It reeks of you wanting to lose your gay V-card, and while I’m sure there are guys more than happy to help you out, it doesn’t appeal to me at all. You’re not even close to being my type, as any gay man would’ve been able to tell you, and I’m damn sure I’m not yours, either.”

Indy wasn’t pulling any punches, and Blake almost felt sorry for Aaron. Almost, because Blake’s anger was still bubbling below the surface, and there was no doubt in his mind Aaron needed to hear this. He might not realize it now, but Indy was doing him a massive service. “Why would I not be your type?”

Indy deserved credit for not rolling his eyes at that question. Blake totally would have, no doubt in his mind. “You’ve met Noah, right? That’s my type. Big, strong, bossy as fuck. Which would be your type as well, if I had to hazard a guess.”

Aaron’s face grew even redder. Blake suppressed a chuckle. It looked like Indy’s guess had been spot-on.

“How the f-f-fuck would you know what my type is?” Aaron sputtered, clearly embarrassed as hell. It would have come out a lot stronger if he hadn’t stuttered on the word “fuck.”

Indy merely laughed. “Experience. Now, that’s ‘How to Be Gay 101’ for today. I have a training I want to get back to.”

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No Limit by Nora Phoenix: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from No Limit

by Nora Phoenix


His hand still on Connor’s cheek, Josh leaned in, kissed him softly. He wrapped his arms around Connor, hugged him tight.

“Josh, promise me one thing,” Connor whispered in his ear.

Josh leaned back so he could see his face, but held his arms around Connor’s neck.

“If I fuck up with you, if I hurt you with what I do or say, tell me. Please, tell me, so I can try and make it right. I’m winging this, Josh. I don’t know what I’m doing with you or how to be in a relationship, but I want to learn to take care of you, okay?”

Josh nodded. “Does that mean we’re in a relationship?” he asked softly. He didn’t want to pressure Connor, but he didn’t want to hide either. If Connor wanted them to be together, he’d have to come out and say it, own it.

“Yes. You’re mine, Josh, and I’ll say it to anyone you need me to.”

“Your work?”

Connor swallowed. “I’ll tell them.”

Joy sparked in Josh’s heart. Connor was willing to come out of the closet for him. He was truly serious about them. “Did you mean what you said about Noah and Indy this morning?”

“Yes. I get that you need them, even if it’s hard for me to not be jealous. But Josh, anything more than kissing and you talk to me first, ask me for permission.”

Yup, there it was again. That authoritative tone that made Josh want to bend over and take it. “Yes, Connor,” he said. The satisfied look on Connor’s face was beautiful. “Will you spank me if I disobey?” Josh teased.

Connor laughed. “I’m not sure that would be effective as a punishment, seeing how much you’re looking forward to it. I’ll have to find something else more deterring, like not fuck you for a week.”

Josh’s eyes went big. “Damn, that’s cruel.”

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Book Review: No Limits by Nora Phoenix

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: No Limits
Author: Nora Phoenix
Series: No Shame #2
Heroes: Josh/Connor (Indy/Noah)
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 309 Pages
Publisher: Nora Phoenix
Release Date: November 26, 2017
Available at: Amazon
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Blurb:  Josh is convinced he’ll never find someone who’ll love him the way he is. He’s not exactly a catch with his PTSD, which has transformed him into a homebody most of the times. Sweet, maybe, but also boring as hell. Plus, there’s that submissive tendency he recently discovered and is dying to explore. His complicated relationship with Noah and Indy don’t make it easy, either. When Connor shows interest in him, he can’t believe the sexy cop would look at him twice, let alone make an effort to get to know him. When he does, Josh discovers they have more in common than he’d ever thought possible.

Connor had survived the ordeal that left his best friend and fellow Marine dead, but that survival came at a price. He’s a robot, going through the motions, but barely alive. Until fate intervenes when he meets Josh. The vulnerable man triggers all kinds of protective and dominant urges in Connor, but what would a cute guy like Josh want with an inexperienced, closed-off, bossy steamroller like him?

When Connor discovers his past endangers Indy, all hope for a future between him and Josh seems lost. After all, there’s no way Josh will ever choose Connor over Indy’s safety and Noah’s lifelong friendship. When a crisis hits, can Connor prove he’s strong enough to deal with everything that’s thrown his way?

No Limits is a steamy M/M romance that ends with a HFN, but has a continuing storyline as well. It’s the second book in the No Shame Series, and IS NOT A STAND ALONE NOVEL, so make sure to read the first book (No Filter) first. It contains hot sex, a little BDSM kink for beginners, more hot sex, and a beautiful friendship that transcends labels. Also: trigger warning for mentions of sexual abuse.
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Book Review: No Filter by Nora Phoenix

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: No Filter
Author: Nora Phoenix
Series: No Shame #1
Heroes: Indy/Noah
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 290 Pages
Publisher: Nora Phoenix
Release Date: October 26, 2017
Available at: Amazon
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Blurb: Indy will do anything to prevent his mobster ex from finding him. Their last encounter left Indy recovering for months in the hospital, and ever since he’s become an expert at hiding in plain sight. Determined to stay under the radar, he takes on a new identity and moves from place to place. His life has no room for friendships, let alone love, so he keeps his heart firmly closed. After all, he has nothing to offer but a damaged body and a broken soul. Plus, he’s so done with men. Until he meets the man who breaks through all his defenses.

Former Army Medic Noah came back damaged from his last tour—in more than one way. Between supporting his best friend-with-benefits Josh who’s struggling with PTSD, dealing with his own issues, and the stress of his job as a physician assistant, rebuilding his life seems impossible. There’s little time for what Noah needs, let alone for what he wants. When he meets Indy, Noah discovers what he wants more than anything: for Indy to stay. But how will a relationship with Indy work when Noah needs Josh as well?

Indy never expected the strong, confident Noah to be as damaged and broken as himself. But what will happen if he starts letting Noah in? Indy knows he should run to protect Noah and Josh.

Noah needs Indy to stay more than anything. But will what little he has to offer be enough to make Indy trust him and stay?

No Filter is a steamy M/M romance featuring an open relationship (no cheating!) that ends with a HFN, but with the promise of a HEA. It’s the first book in the No Shame Series, and is not a stand-alone novel. It contains hot sex, a hint of a ménage, lots of talk about hot sex, flashbacks of said hot sex, and…Oh well, you get the idea. Also: trigger warning for mentions of sexual abuse.
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