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Not Another Statistic by J.M. Dabney: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Not Another Statistic

by J.M. Dabney


My boy was leaning his rounded ass on my back as I tried to focus on doing the searches I needed. I shook my head because he’d been attached to me in one way or another since we left the motel a few hours earlier. He’d even hooked his fingers in one of my belt loops at one point. I tried not to read too much into it, but I was selfishly pleased I was his comfort item.

I’d barely slept at all last night with him rubbing his slim body all over top of mine. He also had this obsession with nuzzling my beard. He’d appeared so cute this morning demanding what he’d done. Teasing him could become an addiction.

Suddenly I had a delicate chin resting on my shoulder. “What are you searching for?”

“Reporters that make too many waves.” I didn’t look at him as a continued scrolling. We needed a reporter that was as paranoid as we were. Which I didn’t think would be too hard to find. More than anything right now we needed allies.

“You’re not searching the case?”

“No, only because they might be tracking keyword searches. You do know the term Big Brother is Watching?”

“Yeah, grandpa.”

I lifted my arm to fist my hand in his soft curls. “Don’t get bratty, you won’t like how it turns out.”

“Y-yes, sir.”

His stutter again gave me an odd satisfaction. I really shouldn’t find his discomfort around me adorable. I needed to rein myself in, I promised myself not to do anything about my attraction until my boy was safe. That wasn’t exactly working for me.


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