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Risking It All by Morningstar Ashley: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Risking It All

by Morningstar Ashley

Danny had a little more than two hours before Jaden got there, and he had plans for them. Not the plans his dirty, sex-starved mind clearly had, but something Danny hoped Jaden would think was fun.

Each time they got together, they played SoR, and they had a blast and even managed conversation in between, learning new things about each other. Those new things had been good, showing them as much as they were different, they also had a lot of core things in common. Danny wanted that again.

With each new piece of information he learned about Jaden, Danny liked him more. And the more Danny learned, the more certain he felt of himself around Jaden. The shine of the rich, city guy was still there, but now Danny saw beneath the surface of that shine. Saw a guy who was just like Danny. The differences between them mattered less and less.

In a short amount of time, Jaden had become important to Danny. Another friend, someone he trusted, someone he wanted to be around. But the connection was more than what he felt for Mac or Allie. If he was honest, the more scared him but thrilled him all the same.

Danny wasn’t fooling himself. He knew whatever was going on with him and Jaden, in the end, wouldn’t be anything else than what they had now. Danny would have to be dumb to think it could be. But the connection, the want, was there, and he wanted to roll around in it, soak it all up for as long as he could. It made him happy. Happier than he’d been before.

And wasn’t that a kicker. Something new in his life made him realize how unhappy he was before. No, he was happy before Jaden, but not he realized he could be happier, could be more fulfilled. He could have something just for himself. Something he could hoard and keep, not share or giveaway like every other part of himself and his life.

And for that reason, he had been keeping this thing—friendship?—with Jaden a secret from those closest to him. Didn’t that make him feel like a shit? But he tamped it down, far. He deserved a little of this, a small thing no one else knew. His own corner of the world which brought him giddy, full feelings.

And it was okay because Danny knew once Jaden left to go back to Boston, he wouldn’t feel so complete and full again.

With that depressing thought, Danny walked back out to his gazebo and continued working and dreamed and indulged in those same happy thoughts to his heart’s content. Taking advantage of what he had now was the best option he had.

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