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Author Q&A with Victoria Sue + Giveaway!

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How do you pick which story to write next? Is it the character that is yelling at you the loudest, the quiet one over in the corner with the devilish grin, or is it the storyline itself that is dragging you into it’s path?

I am lucky (or unlucky) enough to have four series on the go – so I’m trying to discipline myself and write in order. It NEVER works like that though! You have to go with whichever is giving you the most ideas. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Dilemma by Victoria Sue

Reviewed by JustJen

29570545Title: The Dilemma
Author: Victoria Sue
Series: Sirius Wolves #5
Heroes: Marcus/Kellan/Ricoh/Nate
Genre: MMMM Paranormal
Length: 220 Pages
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Release Date: April 7, 2016
Available at: Amazon
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Blurb:  Marcus has just become the only human ever to be Alpha of a werewolf pack and thwarted the plans of Anubis to destroy the goddess Sirius’ creation – the werewolves.

Now, Anubis has decided to focus his efforts instead on Marcus and his new pack, to try and destroy the pack from within. In order to do this, Anubis seeks the one thing Marcus wants above all else and when he finds it, will use that to get him to walk away from his mates and the pack.

Unaware of the evil god’s plans, Marcus works together with Kellan and Ricoh, not only trying to help Nate recover from the vicious torture he has undergone at the hands of the terrorist group, The Winter Circle, but to also come to terms with leading a pack of over two thousand wolves.

Marcus soon will be faced with a dilemma, but will he give everything up for his mates and the pack or will the temptation Anubis offers him be too much for one human to refuse? Will Marcus put his wolves before himself or will he be tricked into leaving them behind forever?
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