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Genre Bending

by Pearl Love

Full confession time: I am not a romantic person. I don’t have a lot of interest in romance in my everyday life. So why do I write romance novels, and why M/M romance novels in particular? The answer to the latter is fairly straight forward. I like the thought of pretty men together. And I’m intrigued by the apparently radical notion of putting characters in situations where they just happen to be gay rather than being completely defined by their sexuality.  The answer to the first question, however, is the basis of why I prefer to write stories that don’t fit within the contemporary mold. For me, it’s all about “romance and.”   

Romance and Sci-Fi: This is by far my favorite type of story because it can run the gamut of time–from past, to the present, to the far future. This is the genre that allows me to really let my geek flag fly. I am a long-standing science fiction fan and comic book nerd. Heck, I saw Marvel’s “Avengers” five times in the theater! And we won’t talk about how many times I’ve seen the Star Wars movies over the course of my lifetime. Give me stories that center around technology and scientific theories that have yet to be discovered. Give me worlds with spaceships and sentient artificial intelligence, with scientifically-derived super humans and technology-driven crime fighting. But even more than the high-tech wonder, the most interesting thing about these worlds are the characters that live within them. I want to know how they live, what they care about, and who they love. So, give me a romance about pretty men shooting laser guns, and I’m as happy as can be!
Romance and High Fantasy: Pretty men with long hair. Pretty men with long hair and swords. Pretty men with long hair and swords who use magic and don’t wear a lot of clothing. I think you see my point. Fantasy is all about world building and letting your imagination run wild, which are the best aspects of writing fiction. The concept of M/M romance in a setting that is completely bereft of the rules and mores of our mundane experience is what makes romantic fantasy fiction such a delight to write and to read.

Romance and Urban Fantasy: These are the dangerous waters into which I dipped my toe with my very first book, and which remain near and dear to my heart. How to meld a captivating romance with elements of the fantastic set within the real–or mostly real–world? This is the constant challenge and freedom of urban fantasy. Urban fantasy offers the best of all genres. Want to read a contemporary romance with a little something extra hidden beneath the surface? Check. Want to read about sexy vampires and hot werewolves stalking unsuspecting men in a big city? Check. Want to read a story with elements of magic or sci-fi set within a recognizably modern setting? Check again! What’s not to like?

So, to sum up, I love writing and reading genre romantic fiction because it allows the writer and reader to explore beyond the basic tropes of boy-meets-boy. To me, fiction is all about exploring life beyond the everyday, and that’s what makes “romance and” so appealing.


About Pearl Love

Pearl Love has been writing since she was a kid, but it was the pretty boys who frolic around in her head who finally convinced her to pursue it seriously.  She’s a mid-west transplant who current thrives in the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital.  A jack of many genres, she enjoys just about any type of story, so long as in the end, the boy gets the boy.  Pearl is a Marvel comics fan girl and owns a ridiculously large stash of yarn and knitting needles.

You can contact Pearl on Facebook, Twitter or email her at

GRL 2014 Blog Tour Banner

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2 thoughts on “GRL Blog Tour: Pearl Love – Genre Bending

  1. Yes! And more yes! For me, the recipe has always been, in the stories I read and the ones I write, a dash of romance with the plot. Story, world-building, discovery…and, then, yes, a romance happens along the way.

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