TBG’s GRL Blog Tour Schedule

GRL 2014 Blog Tour Banner

The Blogger Girls are proud to be one of the Featured Bloggers participating in the 2014 GRL Blog Tour! Below is a schedule to show which authors viewers can look forward to seeing. Our goal is to allow GRL attendees to get an inside look into who some of these authors are so when the Retreat rolls around there can be a little less pressure and intimidation in meeting your favorites authors. Check out who these authors are and what they have to say at TBG (when their time comes). Don’t forget to check out the other awesome blogs that are participating in the GRL Blog Tour!


Date Author Sup/Feat Author Post Link
4/25/2014 Zathyn Priest Supporting Author Click Here
5/9/2014 MJ O’Shea Featured Author Click Here
5/16/2014 Pearl Love Supporting Author  Click Here
5/23/2014 Poppy Dennison Featured Author  Click Here
5/30/2014 JC Wallace Supporting Author Click Here
6/6/2014 CR Guiliano Featured Author Click Here
6/13/2014 Jamie Lynn Miller Supporting Author Click Here
6/20/2014 JJ Black Supporting Author Click Here
6/27/2014 Belinda McBride Featured Author Click Here
7/4/2014 Clare London Featured Author Click Here
7/11/2014 Jackie Nacht Supporting Author Click Here
7/18/2014 T.A. Chase Featured Author Click Here
7/25/2014 Rhys Ford Featured Author Click Here
8/1/2014 TM Smith Supporting Author Click Here
8/8/2014  Jacob Flores Featured Author Click Here
8/15/2014 Cat Grant Featured Author Click Here
8/29/2014 Lissa Kaey/Sam Kadence Featured Author Click Here
9/2/2014 Erica Pike Featured Author Click Here
9/5/2014 Katey Hawthorne Featured Author Click Here
9/9/2014 K-lee Klein Featured Author Click Here
9/16/2014 Devon Rhodes Featured Author Click Here
9/19/2014 RJ Scott Featured Author Click Here
9/23/2014 Deanna Wadsworth Featured Author Click Here
10/3/2014 Taylor V. Donovan Featured Author Click Here
10/7/2014 Charlie Cochet Featured Author Click Here
10/10/2014 Bru Baker Supporting Author

24 thoughts on “TBG’s GRL Blog Tour Schedule

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