Book Review: Full Circle by Victoria Sue

Reviewed by JustJen

32177845Title: Full Circle
Author: Victoria Sue
Series: Sirius Wolves #7
Heroes: Jed/Adam
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 154 Pages
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Release Date: October 18, 2016
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  “Win the love of the wolf with the hardest heart.”

Faced with eternal banishment to hell, Anubis, god of the underworld, has found a loophole in one of the oldest laws which will allow him to unleash his evil on an unsuspecting human world. Orion’s only hope to stop him is to accept his challenge: send a champion to win the love of the wolf with the hardest heart. It will take someone with a pure heart to soften a closed one, so faced with the threat of losing not only the werewolves, but the destruction of the human race, the gods can only do one thing — send Adam, one of their own.

Adam quickly realizes that the werewolf whose love he must win is Jed. Wounded after the loss of his wife and son, Jed promised he would never love again or be responsible for someone else’s happiness. Adam has been given a near impossible task.

Anubis is eager to see Adam fail, and unbeknown to everyone takes matters into his own hands to make sure of it. Everything happening now is part of his master plan, and finally it has come full circle.

Even if Adam succeeds and wins Jed’s heart, will that love survive when Jed discovers the whole thing was nothing more than a bet? Or when Adam does the one thing he mustn’t and falls in love himself, will he not only break Jed’s heart but completely destroy his own?


Review: This final installment of this interesting and entertaining series does just what the title implies – comes Full Circle. You really have to have read the rest of the books in this series to fully understand everything that has brought things to this point and who is who in the grand scheme of things.

The whole time I was reading this story I had looming feelings of heartbreak. Just knowing what Adam had been tasked with, knowing he had to succeed for the greater good, even at a cost to one, or two (if you count himself), spread a tiny layer of sadness over just about every page. As things progressed, there were the other aspects to enjoy – Adam’s selflessness; his feeling things he never felt before (being the son of a God and Goddess) as a human; Jed feeling something again after the loss of his wife and son all those years before; seeing the other relationships doing well with more children running about, etc. So, it wasn’t all doom and gloom with nothing to be happy about.

And, just when I thought things couldn’t happen any differently, we get to the truth with many questions being answered and new possibilities on the horizon. I can’t say too much more without giving anything important away, but, suffice to say, it was a happy ending for all and a beautifully fitting end to a wonderful and entertaining story about the Sirius Wolves, how they came to be, what they had to face and what they were able to accomplish.

These stories all have the mpreg tag, but while that possibility exists throughout, more extensive details are only given and followed through in one or two of the books. It is talked about briefly and implied that it is possible or even happens in the others, but it isn’t really focused on other than to say that it’s possible or that they have had children that way. So, if you are squeamish about mpreg (like I am), this was a great series to enjoy. If you are looking for a story that focuses heavily on that, you might be a little disappointed. But, I highly recommend you give this well-written and clever world a try. It has enough emotions, twists and turns and happy endings to satisfy and is one I have really enjoyed from beginning to end.

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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