Author Q&A: J.K. Hogan + Excerpt!

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Hi folks! J.K. Here! I’m here to talk about my new project (you know, in addition to all of my traditional WIPs) called Stray. Stray is a book I’m releasing by the chapter, free on my website (think fanfiction, but not). It’s a bit of a deviation from my normal M.O. of contemporary with a side of mental health issues, delving farther into world-building, futuristic tech, and combining human lore with paranormal fantasy. This story is purely for my own—and hopefully your—enjoyment. Read on for more info!

What is Stray?

Stray is the first volume in a series called the Sentinel Series. At the heart of each book will always be a primary romance, but the rest of it…well it fits into a lot of genres—paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, etc. It takes place in the future, after mankind has been decimated several times by disease or war, and borders have been redrawn, territories renamed. Humans are still around, but they’re struggling after the last major disaster. Supernatural creatures still try to keep their existence a secret, but some would like to see humans killed off entirely. Certain species live symbiotically with humans, which means their survival is dependent on one another whether the humans realize it or not. Those species have formed an alliance called the Midnight Sentinel, which patrols the territories eliminating mortal threats to humans.

I’ve partnered with digital artist Somber Illusory Soda who does accompanying illustrations, character profiles, and other fun stuff. I’m releasing Stray chapter by chapter as a fanservice web series.

Who is Stray about?

Probably every supernatural creature you can imagine is in there, but the main characters are Sebastian, of species Feliscindae, or cat-shifters, and a young human (??) man named Noah. The two form an unlikely pairing as they fight against threats to both of their species. We meet many other characters of many different species along the way.

And it’s free? Why?

Yes. And why…because it’s a fun story, and we want everyone to be able to read it and see the art. We started out on Patreon, but we quickly decided that we wanted to share the content with a wider audience, and offering it for free would do that, along with giving us complete freedom when it comes to content. Patreon subscribers have currently read ahead to chapter twelve, but every chapter will eventually be available on the free site.

Where can you find Stray?

Available free here or directly to the chapter feed here.

Chapters are cross-posted here.

Illustrations are cross-posted here (and any NSFW illustrations will be available on Tumblr only, though we’ll let you know about them on the main story feed).

Patreon early release (if you want to read ahead…once the free site catches up, we will be closing the Patreon) is available here.



About Stray

All of the mythical creatures that howl, prowl, bite, and kill—from vampires to werewolves, from wendigos to witches, monsters to demons—are real. The Midnight Sentinel exists to protect the delicate human race from the monsters that wish them harm.

Sebastian Locke never asked to be a Prince among the Feliscindae, a race of feline shifters. He never asked to be the champion of an entire species. He never asked for responsibility.

Noah Cowan never asked to be abandoned by his parents. He never asked to be homeless. He never asked to fall into a reality where up was down, north was south, and nightmares were real.

Two men living in a dystopian world, post-apocalyptic several times over, in which all of things that go bump in the night truly exist, are drawn together by an intricate spiderweb of fate, duty, blood, and love.

There’s something about Noah. Sebastian is drawn to him like a moth to a flame, but so are many others—those much more dangerous than he. In order to keep Noah safe, Sebastian must trust him with his most guarded secret: the truth of the supernatural.

Find out more on J.K.’s Website.


Excerpt from Stray

“What would you say, little mouse, if I told you that nightmares are real? That all of the stories you’ve heard of things that go bump in the night are true? All things that howl, prowl, bite, and kill—from vampires to werewolves, from wendigos to witches, monsters to demons. Would you believe me? Would you take care?

“Your face tells me that you don’t, and you wouldn’t. That is why the Midnight Sentinel exists. Though religion is such an archaic notion conceived of by primitive humans…things like Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil… but I can assure you, dear boy, that there </em>is<em> a Hell—and we are living in it.”


About J.K. Hogan

J.K. Hogan has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, beginning with writing cast lists and storylines for her toys growing up. When she finally decided to put pen to paper, magic happened. She is greatly inspired by all kinds of music and often creates a “soundtrack” for her stories as she writes them. J.K. is hoping to one day have a little something for everyone, so she’s branched out from m/f paranormal romance and added m/m contemporary romance. Who knows what’s next?

J.K. resides in North Carolina, where she was born and raised. A true southern girl at heart, she lives in the country with her husband and two sons, a cat, and two champion agility dogs. If she isn’t on the agility field, J.K. can often be found chasing waterfalls in the mountains with her husband, or down in front at a blues concert. In addition to writing, she enjoys training and competing in dog sports, spending time with her large southern family, camping, boating and, of course, reading! For more information, please visit

Find out more about J.K. on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or email her at

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3 thoughts on “Author Q&A: J.K. Hogan + Excerpt!

  1. Oeh, I like online serials, provided they are updated regularly and not forgotten. Plus this has a beautiful cover 😀

  2. Reviewer Larissa

    Oeh I like online serials, provided they are updated regularly. Plus the cover is beautful!.
    (hopefully this will not be a double comment as my previous one was eaten)

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