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Caulky by K.M. Neuhold: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Caulky

by K.M. Neuhold

“I’m coming!” I shout, racing down the hallway, half asleep, in nothing but my boxers. Probably not the way most people dress to greet their contractor, but in my defense, my alarm didn’t go off, and when I rolled out of bed, I actually forgot he was scheduled to stop by this morning.

I fling the door open, my apology dying on my lips as I take in all six-foot-something of the drool-worthy man standing on my front porch. A six-foot-something, drool-worthy man I totally hooked up with last month. The same drool-worthy man I kissed the night Henry dumped me. Totally don’t know his name, but every Thursday for the past month I’ve thought about heading back to Wooley’s for a repeat.

“Wooley’s on State Street,” I say, forgetting for a second that I’m standing in the open doorway in a pair of boxers that have hearts on them, my half-hard morning wood attempting to make an appearance through the little flap on the front.

I wish I could say this is the worst way a day has ever started for me but, unfortunately, this doesn’t even crack my top five worst mornings of the year so far, and it’s only March.

He coughs, but I can see he’s hiding a smile behind his hand, a clipboard in his other hand, his blue polo shirt bringing out the honey color in his brown eyes.

“Well, this is a little awkward,” he says, uncovering his mouth and reaching out to offer me his hand. “It’s Cole, by the way.”

“Names, right,” I laugh awkwardly, using one hand to shield the outline of my dick from his view and reaching out with the other to take his, which is painfully formal considering he had me bent over my couch screaming for his cock just a few weeks ago. “I’m Ren.”

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