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Book Review: Let Me Live by Shirley Anne Edwards

Reviewed by Ami

Title: Let Me Live
Author: Shirley Anne Edwards
Series: Finding the Strength #2
Heroes: Marshall & Benny
Genre: M/M New Adult
Length: 175 pages
Publisher: Harmony Ink
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Available at: Harmony Ink & Amazon
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Blurb: The one person he trusted destroyed everything. Trusting again won’t be easy.

Eighteen-year-old Marshall’s bright future shattered the day his once friend and lover opened fire on their campus, killing twelve and leaving Marshall with a shoulder wound and devastating guilt over the part he played in the massacre. The press may have dubbed him a hero, but Marshall has nowhere to turn, no one to help him through the anxiety and depression closing in on him.

Until he meets tattoo artist Benny Hayes.

Benny can’t solve all Marshall’s problems, but he can assure him that he’s not defined by his trauma. Marshall wants what Benny’s offering. He wants to live, to love again. But the secret he shares with the shooter casts a long shadow, and Marshall’s fear of it coming to light makes it hard to move forward. Continue reading

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My Crunchy Life by Mia Kerick: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from My Crunchy Life

by Mia Kerick

Kale, 6: 45 p.m.

I unfold the paper-airplane-essay and add my new ideas to the page while Hughie makes room on the spare bed for his project partner.

A minute later, I hear soft footsteps on the rug. “Hey, Hughie.”

My dreadlocks stand on end— well, not literally, but it makes for a good visual— because I know that voice.

To play it cool, or not to play it cool? That is the question.

I stare at my essay. I’m going with cool.

“What’s up, Julian?” Hughie pats the place beside him on the bed. “Sit down.”

Julian doesn’t move. “Kale? I didn’t know you were Hughie’s brother.”

“Cousins… we’re cousins,” I mumble, then let my eyes pop off the messy writing on the paper in front of me to check out the boy and his lips. “Hi, Julian. I didn’t know you and Hughie were friends.” He looks fantastic again… or maybe as usual. He’s dressed from head to toe in black, bringing the term classy to life once again tonight.

“We’re partners in a project,” Hughie insists, making it clear to me that he and Julian are not friends. I’m not sure why proving this is so important to him.

It kills me to do it, because there’s nothing I’d like more than to invite Julian to sit on my bed and kick back with me for a while, but I tell them, “Well, don’t let me distract you guys. I have to focus on this essay, anyway.” I drag my gaze from Julian’s intoxicating lips and try to sink back into the headspace of a plant in pain.

Continue reading

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Audio Review: Intervention by Mia Kerick

Guest Reviewed by Morgan

InterventionAUDMedTitle: Intervention
Author: Mia Kerick
Narrator: Tristan Wright
Heroes: Kai Manter/Jamie Arlotta
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: Book – 231 Pages / Audio – 6 Hours, 36 Minutes
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Release Date: Book – October 10, 2013 / Audio – August 25, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Audible and iTunes
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: As a musician at the popular college café Coed Joe’s, high school senior Kai Manter is never lacking for male attention. Out, proud, free-spirited, and sexually aware, Kai sets his sights on his darkly Gothic and undeniably bad-tempered coworker, Jamie Arlotta, a freshman at the local arts university. Sporting long hair and alluring hippie style, Kai expects his interest will be reciprocated, with satisfying sex as the end goal. That’s what usually happens. But Jamie’s lessons in life have been harsher. Having been sexually abused by his older stepbrother for several years, Jamie has grown an impenetrable outer shell meant to keep the world at a safe distance.

Kai is angry at first when he takes the brunt of Jamie’s bad temper, but after Kai accidentally discovers the abuse Jamie has suffered, he wants to fix things. Kai’s plan is based on what he knows best—music—and he stages a “musical intervention” to let Jamie know he’s not alone and things can get better. When Jamie’s perspective changes and he emerges from his shell, Kai changes, too, gaining a whole new understanding of what sex can be when love is there too.
Continue reading

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Book Review: Hunters by A.M. Burns

Reviewed by Nikyta

HuntersTitle: Hunters
Author: A.M. Burns
Heroes: Thom & Ben
Genre: M/M Paranormal/Young Adult
Length: 180 pages
Publisher: Harmony Ink
Release Date: April 24, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, All Romance eBooks & Barnes and Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads & Booklikes

Blurb: Bigfoot hunters prowl the forests of Cripple Creek, Colorado. That doesn’t sit well with Thom Woodmen—a Bigfoot—albeit the runt of his family. Being the smallest has advantages; Thom, in disguise, gets to attend high school, and he’s not expected to accomplish much in life. All that changes when he comes across a distressed human in the forest.

Ben Steele is new to Cripple Creek High School, and after a harrowing experience in the woods near his new home, he quickly falls in with Thom Woodmen and his circle of friends. So what if they like to hang out with nature? Ben’s got nothing better to do. Trouble is, Ben can’t seem to stay out of it—trouble, that is.

However, in saving young Ben’s life, Thom inadvertently kick-starts a bonding process that’ll change both their lives forever. With the support of family and friends, Thom learns to accept bonding with the human boy. But with the danger overrunning Cripple Creek lately, Thom may be cut down before he can confess his secret and his love.

Continue reading

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Honorary Blogger Mia Kerick: “Please eSign” spells RELIEF!!! + Giveaway

Honorary Blogger - Mia Kerick

Heather C: First, I want to thank Ms. Mia Kerick for joining us here at TBG today and sharing with us a bit about some of the tortures of becoming a writer.  Also, Mia has a newly released young adult novel that I totally recommend titled The Red Sheet.  While the book deals with the heavy topic of bullying, the author still lets her humorous side shine through…you can see a little evidence of that here.  Enjoy!

“Please eSign” spells RELIEF!!!

by Mia Kerick

Many people have asked me how it feels to receive an acceptance letter for one of my story submissions. And I should know as I have received, um, let’s see…(counting on fingers—never been good with numbers) nine (including a short story) acceptances from Dreamspinner Press/Harmony Ink Press in the past year and a half.

“Aren’t you so excited, Mia?”
“You must be on Cloud Nine!”
“I’ll bet you’re gonna celebrate!”
“How does it feel, Mia, to receive an acceptance for a story submission?”

Relief. It feels like relief.

Let me explain how I get to the point of experiencing relief rather than joy at a story acceptance…

To start, I write the book. This is the easy part…the fun part. Occasionally I strap a family member into a kitchen chair with bungee cords and make him (or her) listen to certain carefully selected chapters. Yeah, the “strap into a chair” part is necessary as we are a very busy family and no one has time to listen to “Mom’s love stories.”

I gauge his (or her) reactions. I have this part down to a science. I know that an eye roll equals, “that was cute”.  When a family member is biting down hard on their bottom lip while I read, I realize that the content is, in some way, over the top. Simple head shaking means B-O-R-I-N-G. But wide eyes is what I’m going for. Wide eyes indicate that despite his desire to run and hide, he is finding what I am reading interesting.

I feel relief…that is, if I can induce a glassy, wide-eyed look.

Self-editing comes next. And let me tell you, I am very hard on myself.  If my computer cooperates and I get this step finished without losing large sections of my manuscript…there it is again—RELIEF!!

Any author knows the relief I feel after the synopsis is completed. Indescribable.

Moving on to…

Questioning myself as an author, as a mother, and in general, questioning my reason for existing. This step always comes before I submit a story. And predictably, when I have decided that I am a worthwhile human being, after all, I experience palpable relief.

Submission. The “I’m gonna lose my lunch” feeling. The sweating. The praying. But once I press the send button, there is a measurable degree of relief…


I rethink my story from top to bottom. The voice comes into question… the prologue…the way I started chapter one…the way I ended chapter thirty-two.

Is it sufficiently compelling? Should it have been YA instead of adult?

This part is pure torture because I soon move on to, what will my publishers think if I rewrite and resubmit? Will they think I’m overly compulsive? Will they know for certain I am overly compulsive? 

Nonetheless, I have written more than one apologetic letters to my publisher accompanied by rewritten novels.  (They have accepted my rewritten work quite graciously.)

But believe me, once I re-submit, the relief I feel is lip-bitingly over the top.

Nothing can bother me now. I have no need for relief anymore. I am made of steel. My nerves—they are strong. They can handle the waiting… and the waiting… the compulsive checking of emails. (The knowing that AT THIS VERY MOMENT my work is being judged….)

Waiting for a response to my submission is a piece of cake, really.

I don’t check my emails 500 times per day. Really, I don’t.

Okay. Maybe I do…

Truth? Waiting for a response to a submission has led me into mild depressions.

And so, when I see this:

Thank you for your submission. We are interested in publishing…

AAAHHHHH!!!!! R-E-L-I-E-F!!!!!

That’s all. Not joy. Not elation.

Simple relief.

Check out The Red Sheet. Yes, I endured the above torturous process to bring this story to publication. I will experience relief once again if it sells.


About The Red Sheet

One October morning, high school junior Bryan Dennison wakes up a different person—helpful, generous, and chivalrous—a person whose new admirable qualities he doesn’t recognize. Stranger still is the urge to tie a red sheet around his neck like a cape.
Bryan soon realizes this compulsion to wear a red cape is accompanied by more unusual behavior. He can’t hold back from retrieving kittens from tall trees, helping little old ladies cross busy streets, and defending innocence anywhere he finds it.
Shockingly, at school, he realizes he used to be a bully. He’s attracted to the former victim of his bullying, Scott Beckett, though he has no memory of Scott from before “the change.” Where he’d been lazy in academics, overly aggressive in sports, and socially insecure, he’s a new person. And although he can recall behaving egotistically, he cannot remember his motivations.
Everyone, from his mother to his teachers to his “superjock” former pals, is shocked by his dramatic transformation. However, Scott Beckett is not impressed by Bryan’s newfound virtue. And convincing Scott he’s genuinely changed and improved, hopefully gaining Scott’s trust and maybe even his love, becomes Bryan’s obsession.

With a foreword by C. Kennedy

Book Links: Dreamspinner  Ι  Goodreads


“Okay, everybody, discussion time is over. Please pass your papers forward—I’m very excited to read about your dreams and to check out what your partners found interesting enough to comment on.” I collected his paper and handed it, together with mine, to the girl in front of me. Meanwhile, Scott chewed on his bottom lip, looking a bit concerned, probably because the edit he had given me consisted of only one hastily scribbled word. And that one word was a word we weren’t even supposed to use at school.

“So what do you say about me and you going to the game, Scott?”

And for the first time since the change had happened, his expression softened. He leaned in toward me, and said softly, “I can’t go, Bryan. I can’t ever go anywhere with you.”

I spoke quietly back to him. “But I said I was sorry—for everything.”

“You keep saying that you can’t remember our friendship, and that all you know of our relationship is from what you dream. Oh, and that you can’t remember what you and your friends did to me that night. But Bryan, maybe you can’t remember, but I just can’t forget—not any of it—because it hurts way too fucking much.”

“I… I just can’t…. I can’t….” I had no idea what I was trying to say.

“What you just can’t do is tell me the truth. You just can’t look me in the eyes, admit to remembering it all, and say you acted like a complete dickhead.”

Miss Libby’s voice sliced through Scott’s accusation. “Class is dismissed. Don’t forget to pick up tonight’s journal topic from off the desk by the door.”

I followed him with my eyes as he got up, grabbed his backpack, and headed toward the door. And although his words had stung, I couldn’t help but feel like we’d somehow taken a step forward. Yeah, Scott had rejected me. And no, he didn’t believe a word I said. But he had spoken to me for the first time in plain words.

In honest words.

As I passed by Miss Libby’s desk, she held up the paper on which I had written about my dream, and pointed to Scott’s nasty single-word edit.

“How are things, Bryan? Are you making any progress in the area you mentioned to me?”

“It’s very slow going, Miss Libby.” I stopped right in front of her desk. “But I’m not gonna give up.”

And that’s when she smiled at me in the way I’d recently started yearning for—like she knew I was putting forth my very best in this effort to make amends. And I really was.


About Mia

MiaKerickMia Kerick is the mother of four exceptional children—all named after saints—and five nonpedigreed cats—all named after the next best thing to saints, Boston Red Sox players. Her husband of twenty years has been told by many that he has the patience of Job, but don’t ask Mia about that, as it is a sensitive subject.

Mia focuses her stories on the emotional growth of troubled men and their relationships, and she believes that sex has a place in a love story, but not until it is firmly established as a love story. As a teen, Mia filled spiral-bound notebooks with romantic tales of tortured heroes (most of whom happened to strongly resemble lead vocalists of 1980s big-hair bands) and stuffed them under her mattress for safekeeping. She is thankful to Dreamspinner Press for providing her with an alternate place to stash her stories.

Mia is proud of her involvement with the Human Rights Campaign and cheers for each and every victory made in the name of marital equality. Her only major regret: never having taken typing or computer class in school, destining her to a life consumed with two-fingered pecking and constant prayer to the Gods of Technology.

My themes I always write about: Sweetness. Unconventional love, tortured/damaged heroes- only love can save them.

Author Links: Website, Facebook, Amazon Page


At the end of the tour there will be 5 names drawn from the Rafflecopter to win one of the 5 prizes. Mia Kerick is hosting a blog tour-wide giveaway via Rafflecopter. So, click on the link below and enter to win!

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Don’t forget to check out Heather C’s review to see what she thought of The Red Sheet!

Good luck!

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Young Adult Week! Review: Safe by C. Kennedy

Review by Susan65

Safe by C. Kennedy eBookTitle:  Safe
Author: C. Kennedy
Heroes: Nicolo (Nico) Caro and Caleb Deering
Genre: M/M YA Contemporary
Length: 89 Pages
Publisher: Harmony Ink
Release Date: October 24, 2013
Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, All Romance eBooks & Barnes and Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads & Booklikes

Blurb: They met at ten; they kissed at twelve, and were madly in love by eighteen.

Caleb Deering is the captain of the swim team and the hottest senior in school. He comes from a loving home with a kind father and a caring, but strict, mother who is battling breast cancer. Nico Caro is small and beautiful, and has a father who rules with an iron fist–literally.

One morning Caleb forgets himself, and he pecks Nico on the lips at school. A teacher sees them and tattles to the Headmaster. The accidental outing at school might be the least of their problems, because the ball set in motion by the school’s calls to their parents could get Nico killed. In the face of that very real danger, Caleb knows he has only one mission in life: to keep Nico safe. Continue reading

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