Book Review: Abel – Hearts in Chaos by CJ Bishop

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: Abel – Hearts in Chaos
Author: CJ Bishop
Series: Phoenix Club#2
Heroes: Abel Sims and Devlin Grant
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 108 Pages
Publisher: Rascal Hearts
Release Date: February 6, 2014
Available at: Smashwords
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Blurb: Devastated after learning his abuser (and the man he killed in self-defense) was Dr. Devlin Grant’s much beloved brother, Abel feels he can no longer have anything to do with the man because of his secret.

Now locked into his agreement with Horatio Kaplan – and suffering heart break over Devlin – Abel finds no purpose in his life except taking care of Savannah. When Devlin refuses to be put off and insists Abel tell him the truth of why he is suddenly pushing him away, Abel must make the hard decision of whether or not to expose the hideous acts of Devlin’s brother – and shatter the man’s heart.


Fantastic follow-up to Abel – It can’t be you. It starts immediately from where book one left off; and I do mean no time passes at all, you miss absolutely nothing and the drama from the cliffy starts rolling. I loved that it happened that way, I really dislike finishing a book and the next book starts in some random time that had nothing to do with the ending from the book before it. This did not happen here. You can go straight from book one to this book and feel like you’ve just turned the page. Awesome!

I was hopeful that the business arrangement that Abel began in the previous book would be settled and dissolved but that would be just too easy. And God knows, nothing has ever been easy for Abel so why start now, poor kid. Even Cole and Gabe are starting to believe that God has it out for him, seriously, how much more could possibly go wrong for him?

So Abel is devastated and beyond stressed out. Devlin has lost his mind worrying over Abel and trying to figure out what the hell he did wrong to lose him. And Cole and Gabe are caught in the middle (and yes, being caught between those two would be a dream come true, trust me… they sizzle). But that isn’t what I mean here, obviously. Cole and Gabe just want Abel safe and happy. Neither of which is looking likely for now.

Speaking of Cole and Gabe; I am definitely seeing a future book for these two friends with benefits. There is no doubt that the emotions are there, they just need to get Abel and Devlin squared away first. But I am waiting with baited breath for their story; I know it’s going to be hot!

So you already know from book one what Abel’s secret is that he can’t tell Devlin. Talk about being stuck between a rock and hard place. And Cole is absolutely right when he tells Devlin “trust me; you really don’t want to know”. Unfortunately Devlin won’t let it go, he learns the secret, and now we have to wait for book three for the saga to continue. I’ve heard that book three will be out very soon, YAY!

This book, this series, packs a very powerful punch. There is love but it’s not a fairy tale. If anything it’s a total nightmare for the guys trying to make all the pieces fit together. They are not there yet, but I am hopeful that one more book of Abel and Devlin should settle their MAJOR issues and put their demons to rest for good…I hope. This book is not for those looking for light and fluffy…there is none of that here. But it is well worth it and I recommend it for those willing to take a walk on the dark side…in a very long tunnel…with the light so far at the end you can barely see it…for now!

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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